About us

Formed in 1988 we are a branding, graphic and interior design consultancy with wide experience in retail, restaurant and corporate projects.

The services we offer include; project analysis, benchmarking, concept design, brand development, artwork and construction documentation, project management and rollout planning.

We work closely with our clients with no preconceived ideas to impose and believe it is essential that an active partnership is developed with all parties contributing the maximum of expertise and experience. Every project is unique and every client has individual needs which demand distinctive and tailor-made solutions. The solutions we seek to achieve are relevant, competitive and persuasive to the customer and highly profitable to our clients.


workspace & corporate design

We are all working in a challenging and competitive marketplace  where advantage is everything. Presenting a strong confident brand to your customers and keeping you workforce efficient and motivated will give you an edge. Good design provides this edge.

We have over 20 years experience in the field, from identity design and corporate communications through to workspace planning, the design of visitor facing areas, meeting / presentation  rooms and breakout zones.

We work closely with your marketing, HR, IT and property teams to understand your business and its key objectives, then translate this understanding into producing the optimum work environment. Our solutions are tailor made to your organisation

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retail environments & merchandising

We have in depth experience developing and delivering successful retail concepts for a wide range of clients and believe the overall environment and how the product is presented and merchandised must be seamless if the retail offer is to perform.

From established high street brands to new start ups. Our approach is always to look at the environment and merchandising from the customers viewpoint and tailor the space to communicate the message and deliver the maximum impact.

We have a proven track record in delivering these spaces successfully for a wide variety of retailers with large and small format shops

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D&AD Nomination for Best Television & Cinema Graphics 2000


D&AD SILVER AWARD for Most Outstanding Retail

Design Programme 1985


D&AD Nomination for Most Outstanding Retail Design Programme 1985


D&AD Nomination for Most Outstanding retail Design Programme 1986


D&AD Nomination for Most Outstanding Retail Design Programme 1987


D&AD Nomination for Most Outstanding Retail Design Programme 1988


D7AD Nomination for Most Outstanding Visual Merchandising System 1988